The Pianist


Used Tools:
After Effects
Cinema 4D

This movie is an extraordinary true story of one man’s survival in WW2. Władysław Szpilman, a Polish Jewish radio station pianist sees Warsaw change gradually as World War II begins. I want to portray the message of how Szpilman had the passion for his profession even though he was in the stage of going through survival. What he had to witness and go through was very horrific and depressing, but his passion for music gave him the desire to survive and overcome the fear. Szpilman had to remain silent, but his fingers were moving as if he was playing piano. By creating a real sense of war atmosphere, it shows what he had to go through. At the end, each war-torn vignette all made up a single fingerprint and becomes a powerful reveal of the ten fingers. I built the war scenes in Cinema 4D, and comped the environment and atmosphere around it.